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Good Intentions

There are times when individuals 

risk it all to achieve a beauty

only to destroy 

the Soul of the beauty!


P.S. Not all compliments come with “Good Intentions”.

The Whirlwind Life

When was the last time You encouraged yourself
to move forward and step out of the Hibernating shell
Why are You hiding in the crowd
One day One has to answer all the questions
that God has worked on as an Examiner
what does it mean if You keep dodging most of the time
The time itself will catch hold of You!

Let not the sympathies move You out
Let the empathy and showing You
the right and wrong much difficult
to look make You walk the path
Remove the obstacles out of your own whirlwind life!

I Walk In Search

I know there is
some source and the Force
which tells me to keep going
keep walking the path
to walk all the way up the steep path
to the world I seem very crazy at the moment
But once I am done with my seeking the Truth
I will share with all around me
till that moment and times and again
I need to be patient tolerant
towards the craziness people
are putting me too
I wish I had all the replies
by now
But it is not my wish
It is the Divine force which
will let me know about when I
can stop the search,
until then I walk, walk and walk

Politically Correct

While signing the Peace Treaty
I needed to be Diplomat
I needed to be Pretender
I needed to hear all the Nonsense
I needed to be a Actor

But One day
I do not want to be
all of these
It is a Place where
witty, sarcasm
do not exist

It is a place
where every single
piece of information
have to be politically

But in reality ‘The Truth’ is
never revealed!