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You Left, I Stood Untying


 You left, it did not dishearten my Heart

                                                                                     Only queried

                                         why did You make a false promise

                                                                                    – of Togetherness!

You left, it did not break my Heart

                                                                                    I was left to the vastness of

                                                                                     untying the knots of Trust

                                                                                     –  from other Hearts!


You left, I never blame You

                                                                                    You taught Me a lesson

                                                                                   Never to attach my feelings

                                                                                   – to another heart!

It Needs Guts To Say -I Love You!

‘I Love You’

You seem to have no clue 

how difficult it was to let You know

And see how 

 in turn

Mocked me, Humiliated Me with heard Rumours

You wanted to conclude so fast

without going to the depth

that things can be different!

that someone can 

Really, really Love You!

You actually lost Faith and Hope

Trust, Loyalty, Understanding are secondary!

Whenever You meet a Stranger You will always

Risk to know the person since You liked something 

Similar or Different!

You will do that on a Sunny or a deserted Day

Its Reality!

Its all in Our hands. To be or not to be. Making every amazing particle happen in our lives. Its our Faith and Trust in Self which only takes us forward marching towards the new avenues!

U-turns are of many kinds. To jolt down to make the heart wretched. Why do we feel the Pain? Its due to the reason of BETRAYAL OF TRUST. The Trust true to heart has been taken down.

God & His ACTS

Every difficult situation
In my Life has taught Me
One important lesson
about humans
That no matter how good I might
have been to the person on the saddest day of
that individual’s life
I will never have the ‘back’ of the same individual
So is the God’s way of creating New Individuals
so to walk that path

My trust is broken from the Old individual
and God makes me Check out the New Individual

I keep thinking what does God have in MIND

Set Someone Free

Set Someone with a Beautiful Heart and Soul Free
Freedom is the One Valuable importance
That should be encouraged
not fearing to be taken away or bondaged
Happiness will strive with all the force
Once it can see not been CAGED

Love is the Freedom,
Love is the Space given,
Love is moving Forward,
Souls will then be Mingling,
Such should be the attraction and dedication
Towards Lovely Humans!

Fire In My Heart

Fire in my Heart
Fire glows, not burns my Heart
The Fire makes me passionate
to be more sure of You

To work ways, to make the path One
Difficult it is, battle ground known
Foes and friends unknown
Days have to dealt with patience and courage
Developing the trust and faith
Keeping the suspect, betrayal at bay

Fire in my Heart
when I know what is true and false
There are not enough proves
The guts and instincts to
keep Me going!

Fire in my Heart.