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Black Hole In Humans

Drifted apart not by distance

but by conceit

Burnt to ashes a beautiful relation of friendship

not on being disloyal

but doubted on integrity

what else the Master of the Universe

wants to put on test

come in, come all,

there is nothing much to lose

today or tomorrow!

Its not always that One holds

trust and faith to make a pinky promise

Still One has to value Self upright

whenever tried and tested 

in ways of -Respect


Until Death

In the storm of that starry night 

glittering stars of fireflies

the Moon shone like a blazing Sun

wrapped in your broad chest 

You cuddle Me tightly, assured 

I sleep peacefully

to wake up knowing 

You did not leave 

until death takes our souls to heaven

Thank You Goddess Venus For Being Around Earth

I really wanna thank the Venus – The Goddess of Love

for Bestowing this enormous Feeling called – Love

To feel that We are gliding in the clouds

Watching elephants Fly, Unicorns being Unicorns!

The place every Lover 

hold hands with that One person God made!

The Heaven on Earth with Reality Intact!

I feel really sad for the Individuals who donot want to feel the Love when it keeps knocking from every corner. They Self-doubt and lead a cancer to spread from the outside world too. I just Wish they could let themselves let go, feel the Love. Without experiencing the Feeling how can anyone leave this Planet! It is not necessary One would be in Pain of being betrayed!

Change the Mindset! Live the Life which is a Blessing by God! 🙂

Precognitive, Conviction, Prejudice

Peace Blew away from My Mind 

the Day I Listened your hustled anger

Knew You are in Doubt about My Faith

could not take our Friendship ahead 

Faith runs in My Veins

Today you live each day

with Precognitive Conviction

One Day You will Miss every Fun 

we gave each other.

That Day You will understand

Prejudice can be Dangerous!

As I write so I never know 

will You ever read this 

I Miss Your Company Yaar!

Bury ME alive where my Soul is set free, Burn ME alive in the cremation ground where my Soul can sing outloud, Put a handfull of sand each one of You to my grave let MySoul have the freedom, equality, independance and the Respect to my Soul, my Body, my Entity not out of cliches and naivety but because You think I very much would grow like the grass where the ground levels itself with a flowering bud pops up with two leaves symmetrical to each other, where every Tear shed would be hypocrisy, mock and publicity stunt to all the lives I helped you risking mine!

A Gem of uncut Diamond. A gem of genuinety. His uniqueness to be a Man of his words in action. Only two flaws- Confusion and Over thinking creates an illusion not to go be Near him deludes him to suspect and doubt even about Amoeba- why is amoeba smiling at him?

Iam a Frozen Princess, I have no pride and arrogance while am sharing it. I tried my best to catch the light of Faith and Hope. I have hope and faith in everyone but not for Me. Iam the Princess whose heart needed to froze ‘lest every Prince Charming will play with her Innocense!