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Disloyalty Never Questioned

Every Morning I watch the Sun rising

In the calm morning of 5:45AM

Staring the Sky I always question You 

What  wrong did I do

To be cheated the way you did for the number of years you lived in our Relation!


Strangely I know You more
than You can Understand Yourself,
I see your Heart
from afar a distance and can hear it Beat in tune,
I see in those Eyes
nothing but Love for Me,
Say no more,
say no more,
say no more excuses,
You look like a little Boy
wondering and confusing
the path you want to be Sure about,
Excuse Your fears
lets take a walk
on the road
set our beginning of a journey
which will be an Experience
to Remember as long we Live!

Come Out Of The Hidden Curtains Of Aloofness

Where are You
hiding in the deep Ocean
Circling around Me

At times
You seem to be
A Dolphin humming a beautiful sonnet
But You scare Me very badly
when You look at my eyes
when it meets yours
You end up looking
like a Shark
who can swallow Me whole

What is the point of circling?
Beating around the bush?
Is the time not yet Ripe?
Or is that You are not sure of Me?
Do I resemble someone who will
hurt You like the ‘past tense’?
You ought to come out of the hidden curtains
to find the answers and not assume!

The Palmistry

I know
I can see the Lines in Your palm
I can see the Sun, the Moon
Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Pluto
Neptune and The Mercury.

What I see in Your hands
is the Ability to be Calm, Patient, Tolerant
I know the hand You will hold tightly
will be One Lucky Gal
who will Adore, Admire and RESPECT
You the Most!

Bless Your hands for being a Strong Soul and Compassionate Heart.

Sweep You From The Hindrance

I wish I could show You the Thousand Suns
The Burning RED MOON
The Dancing Stars

That is the Wish to sweep You from
the dwellings and hindrance that Your Heart
bubbles and never questions about!

You will be glad to the sight seeing
that will keep You laughing and crying
because of the Jokes I crack with a Wink! 😉

Arise from the petty issues
I am there Waiting for You

Set Someone Free

Set Someone with a Beautiful Heart and Soul Free
Freedom is the One Valuable importance
That should be encouraged
not fearing to be taken away or bondaged
Happiness will strive with all the force
Once it can see not been CAGED

Love is the Freedom,
Love is the Space given,
Love is moving Forward,
Souls will then be Mingling,
Such should be the attraction and dedication
Towards Lovely Humans!