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Knowing You

Knowing You

Never hurt Me.

It was always 

Nurturing a Nurturer. 

When We can balance

the equation of emotions and reality

We will compound to greater knowing

of ourselves as well  higher realms

with knowing the person.

Either We value a person or don’t. That’s how life teaches us from an experience to transform and evolve.

The Hidden Veil

I like the way You left Me,

cold without a hint.

I understand the reason and purpose

real meaning why I never saw the Soul in Your eyes

Your emotions and feelings so confused

They never wanted to come out of the hidden veil

beautifully laced in luxury for others to Admire.


Time never asked Me “if I am utilizing it well”

Time never asked Me “if the walk in or walk out was appropriate”

Time never asked Me “how should I Value the given Time in my space”

Time never dejects Me

                   never does it reject Me

                                                         questions how, when, why, where 

                                                                                          I am going to utilize it!

                                                                                                                                    Time knows I value it!