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In A World Of Kalyug

I had once set my path with an unsuitable person

thinking maybe that’s the destiny

universe removed it – Proved its point thoroughly.

But in this world of kalyug

of selfishly motivated individuals

why do I still have faith

that someone, somewhere,

a suitable person does exist.

Souls Meeting Point

I would have liked to meet
many a Souls
just a little earlier in my Life
So that I could have spent some more time of Mine
I have no time left in my Time machine
I need to be doing
A lot needs a walk the path
The path makes me think as much my eyes can see
The walk needs to be started
not today but as first as I can

How much time I have wasted
counts nothing as much I can do now
Souls really meet as it is part
of the time of meeting point
destiny and fate does really awake
One from the place where it took refuge Once

Those Blank Pages

Let those pages blank
fill it with no ink
leave them blank a while
the questions might be giving answers
but that might not be the ones You are looking at
just right now
Give space and pace to the blank pages
in your life
Sometimes those blank pages defines US more than anything

Dream And Fantasy World

Be in my world of fantasy and dreams
where the dreams and fantasy can become
a reality
Because the dreams need a life
They need to come out of the fantasy world
To be liked and noticed by many people
who think the same but can never find
the way to follow the dreams and fantasy
Nothing is wrong within One
If One is a dreamer and live in a fantasy world
look on the means to be believed
find a person who knows the way
Carry dreaming also look within and outside
to make it come true.The Creative Way.

Dwell In The Path

Dwell not in the path
where One knows the foolishness and childish acts
Dwell not in the path
where One knows why will not be answered
Dwell not in the path
where One will be taken to bereft and confusion

Dwell where One finds happiness
composed and comfort in
Give nothing less or more
Accept no hurt in return
Do not be sad if One is hurt

Be courageous to be the One
You always are and be complete
the task if all alone.


When One feels
one is on the right path
do never change the course of the path
Some are doubting your capabilities
others diverting from your dream

Walk the path, it is your dream
not someone’s else’s

Rest many an individual will
walk the path You have chosen
for self to be able to help and support

Belief, Trust, have Faith
in Thyself and the journey!

Shout The Words

Shout the words, if You may
Let the words enter the lands
where the false things keep happening
what will One do with all the tolerance
If One can never take the truth
to the next level
Shout the words loud and clear
If One has to keep the Soul
from the impurities of the surroundings
wish no one to be with One
The path is filled with obstacles
less is known but will be known
as the situations will keep happening