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Love In Paralytic Attack

Love so paralyzed

emotions in coma

feelings in a vegetative state

mind frozen

Applaud the brain (neurons)

So Dope!!!!

It understands only and only


Neurons trained, exercised in the gym of ‘non-attachment’

Balancing Life

As a being, human being

provided and supported with

the brain and mind

practicality and emotions

rather than balancing the two equally

end up unbalancing the equation in life forever.

Dark Matter – True Happiness I

Generation X + Generation Y

The struggle is real

The superficial confidence built up

with years of practise

has lead to the stress and unhappiness

The materialism has no happiness within

The hot rush of affairs has no emotions

Every heart has a crack wide open

Every soul wandering why is it chained.

The struggle is real

The search for real happiness

Yet to began.

The human believes –

One day every matter will be in its place.

Till that day they chase

With every ounce of their breathe

To stack materialistic experience.

A Past tense Perfected

I want to be madly happy about your state of life, yet it seems I cannot even smile. What happened to every wretched idea I wanted you to forgo as a punishment.

Have I gone so far to be healed and cleansed that your being alone makes me – think.

What went wrong Charmer? Did money fall short or your charm was not deft enough to keep you cozy with the giggles and moans of a sizzling heart.

An affair with Depression

It would not be fair taking lightly the romance with one’s (psychological) mind which is drifting apart completely with sadness. It never occurs to a person until to late to understand that it has been all the way having a brilliant affair of a kind. The assurance that all is well while struggling to keep an upbeat check with response as well reaction. The psychiatrist studying the symptoms, marks the dissection of that particular nerve causing all the due ‘affair to the psychology’ to the response and reaction. The close knit family watching with a pulse rating and a heart break in the ongoing affair. The family of a person has to come to an understanding why they need to seek help from a psychiatrist or go to a mental institution.

Any disorder in the mind known as madness with never coming back to real life of mundane daily chaos- notably reflected and told by certain highly opinioned society watchers. They not only discard the person who will go through diagnosis but the whole family at large will be outcasted. The watchers will go through the family history of the person inflicted to see who went through the same mental state and maybe lived throughout the years until death in the mental asylum. The society watchmen are perfect judges to the precision they may time to time give over flowing sympathy, an over acting of a kind to know the ongoing progress of the case.

Okay, back to the person having the alleged affair with depression. Life itself has been tough or difficult which ever verb is acceptable to the situation.

The person inflicted due to which the mind has ‘a mind if its own now’! Never wanted it.

Depression has many types of it when diagnosed, for most of the part will not go through describing and defining but will like to give a caricature how the person perceives the surroundings, close people and the other people with whom it has a contact of some kind. And how others perceive and react to the person affected.

A person who is depressed after being diagnosed has to go to the psychiatrist religiously. Medication taken mostly has an affect on the nervous system- the response, the reaction, the emotions.

A person who can no longer fight with the mind which has decided to control the steering on its own needs the psychiatrist.

At large mental health is not considered to be taken to the psychiatrist until a person reacts violently. Still the family of the person will not go to the psychiatrist in the name of what will the neighborhood and relatives be gossiping about the family. So in turn they will take the extreme step and put the person in the mental asylum. The individuals of the family are fine with the person affected being chained, living with other violent patients, and of course in not so acceptable conditions.

In other cases a person inflicted is some how taken to the psychiatrist, diagnosed the symptoms and given medication. Things are going to be very different once the consumption of this antidepressants. They affect the nervous system as well the body too. The medicines are mainly chemicals to affect the hormones. The psychiatrist calls fortnightly the patient for how the affect of its prescribed medication is doing on the patient’s mind. If the patient behaves too calm or too violent the dosage of the medicines are increased or decreased. In doing so sometimes the body and mind of the patient gets affected by too much increase in body weight or loss in body weight. Or maybe to see how the patient reacts to a certain different medicine the hormones get imbalanced. The patients battling to take control of their mind are made Guinea pigs to try and test a certain chemical composition which is not out in the chemist shops yet. Whichever way the patients become the assured lab monkeys without their own knowledge as well not to the knowledge of their families too.

In this life of mundanity when a person reacts – responds to the daily chaos and mess with dry emotions to the competition and rat race then a person is considered to be in fine tune of their mind.

We all are different in response and reactions to show emotions or not to show at all. The health of the mind is a serious romance which should never die out. Its the mind that makes us see the bright sunshine which tells us to go out and enjoy the the sunrise. To feel the soft petal and smell a flower’s fragrance. To understand the difference between the right and wrong. Not to overly fill a jar already full with water. When we are pushed from the comfort zone not many makes it due to the overwhelming reaction to the situations asked for. We all are different, we all have flaws, imperfections. There are human minds who will easily understand a complex situation yet they may not understand a very simple situation. We all vary in our minds to the reaction and response.

In case we are not reacting as thought  like the majority of the masses we are different but that difference that one need not be bullied or outcasted irrationally.

None breathing in the world wants to be mentally unfit, due to uncertain reasons one goes through a variety of undealt emotions mostly suppressed trying to show the best to the loved ones and society at large. Depression in a person has a root cause in not being accepted or living in unhealthy environment. It makes the person suppress or become violent to harm only self or many other who comes to the person’s physical contact. It really reflects to how a person affected with depression was made to feel by many others at a certain phase of its life. Depression can be a high and low of emotions at the same time or high or low in different time period withdrawn.

Depression is considered a term in a fashionable way too where it might be a person is dealing only with sadness but may be to create attention is loudly speaking about how depressed the person is!

A person who is fighting depression needs not only the medication but mostly the love and affection of the friends and family too. The person needs to be told most of the time everyone is their to listen to whatever their mind is thinking so that they can get out of this ongoing and outgoing emotions. To much suppressing and pretending ‘I am Fine’is never right.

A healthy Mind is the well- being foundation of a person.