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Melancholy Frees My Soul

I am a Soul breathing with My Body, not a Body breathing a Soul

I go to Faraway places where My Body has no understanding & Knowledge about yet, maybe will Never

This Melancholy lets My Soul go through many Oceanic depths from time to time

I am Sorry I can never explain the Feelings & My staying away from the Loved Ones!

My Friend You will never be a happy Soul a Humane being doing all the negate deeds, Still have Fun doing what You do best, Revenging a Friend who stood by You all these years – thought You matured and Childlike when You spoke negate words about many, I calmed Your anxiety nerves sang You a lullabuy to make sleep in your painful days of Transformation to the New You! Henceforth, I will always remember You as – A friend lost, a Foe made for nothing, A life’s lesson not learned nor taught but intuitively knew all these years how much You were and still are JEALOUS of me for no reasons whatsoever! Let God give You peace in your old age and some particles of ‘sensibility’ be pixie dusted on this Christmas as You go to the Church on Christmas Eve.

It does make You happy after Hurting me, Does it give You Motivation? after making my Soulmate go away an inch further! It does make You happy after Revenging me for nothing, Not once, twice, thrice but for nth number of times, It makes You feel Happy and Contented after making me look like a Painting with the wrong colors. I can say only one sentence to You- You are Sad Soul.

You are not my cliff nor my edge, You are not my rage nor my anguish, You are not my hatred nor my revenge, You are not my pain nor my sorrow, You are not my indulgence of madness of psychopath, You are my Faith and Hope, You are a Healer of Healers. So You will always be an Achiever, You are the Sun though not seen in the fog nor vanishes in the clouds. You will always be Thee, believe it or not, perceive it or not.

A Gem of uncut Diamond. A gem of genuinety. His uniqueness to be a Man of his words in action. Only two flaws- Confusion and Over thinking creates an illusion not to go be Near him deludes him to suspect and doubt even about Amoeba- why is amoeba smiling at him?

The Mystic Sensors

The Mystic sensing of the unseen but going to happen- Intuition/ Psychic
The Pixie dust to glitter and make things moving- Positivity

The Powerful two words are filled with actions
Never lose it and become caged without even locked
since some do not see it or overlook it

One’s powers are for the greater Cause
The Cause will shine from the vibes
that Only You can see the unseen

Never give up
as many can not belief You enough
what will happen shall
take its due course
of time.

The Moon does grow to a Full Moon
in Night

Have Faith in Self
You know the path is shown to You
by the Mystics!

The ability to know
The ability to shower
The ability to Hope
All keeps together
with the Faith in Self

Wind, windy, Gushing wind, It makes sense all the way how we love the air gushing onto the face, There are times we no longer love it – the Chilliness it has in the air, Cutting the Face like a perfectionist warrior’s sword! The wind gives the clue of whats brewing in the atmosphere, The polluted particles it holds onto, wind, gushing wind of many times and many a Moment!