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The Voice Of A Female

Every where in the World-

A Female somewhere is fighting for her Rights – Her Voice majorly echoes on her Body Rights, the Assumptions, Perceptions, Respect, Equality

Not to be Sympathised, not to be a Victim, not be taken Advantage of, not to be a Slave

A Fight for Freedom, Independence of her Being A Female

Please do not say ‘I Understand’ if You can Try to Support Her Cause!

It is not the Talk but Walking The Talk that makes a Difference in A Progressive Society.

From The Female’s Point Of View – Understanding Stereotypes, Stigmas, Mindsets

Stigma in the Society is- a Living In Relation not for a Male counter -part but for a Female as she is mostly viewed and prejudiced as someone of a “Bad Character”. It has nothing to do with her Reputation but she will always be viewed as a Characterless Efficacy to be misleading and demoting the Society’s values. I do not see how every reasoning has to be pressurized and put across a Female, is she not a “human” can she never have the – Right to Choose the kind of life she wants to lead and live? Why has it to be like she does not want to be!  She will be the one who would be pressurized from Childhood to grow up not to ask questions out of Curiosity, she can never question anything all she is given  to swallow– You are a Female live your Life at your parental home learning the Dogmas, stereotypes and mindsets, follow all the teachings at the place where she gets married. She never lives her life. She is never questioned what she want to do. Just make everyone around “Please”.

The day everyone around the Society comes to know she has male friends she will be starred as too she is doing something very wrong. She is willingly not Competing with any Male.

 It is just that she wants to live her part of the Life she has been bestowed not with the stigmas and mindsets doing the rounds – policing and patrolling her Life like an Alien from another Galaxy!

Too much openness of her thought process is mostly viewed as very Dangerous to the place she will be “married off “family. They want a Robot who does as she is been told too even it is wrong she must follow it. Her Happiness has no meaning and no one gives a Damn to what she –Feels and what is the heightened Emotions she must be going through each Moment of her Life.

She is educated only because she can be spoken off as an ‘educated female in front of her Husband’s friends and colleagues. It is considered too much education can Brain-wash her mind and she will consider herself Superior to her Husband.  Her knowledge, Intelligence, Intellectual level are more often –Mocked, made fun off.

She is always reminded “You are nothing infront of a Male because she wants to be remembered as a mistake to do anything Right which might be good work, skill craft as mere –Luck favored her not the hard work she puts in it, more so any man who sees her as a competition will do anything to put her down mostly- Mentally where she will go to a Depression phase where the Society will instigate to tell the truth,  they will laugh her off reminding – we told You so”.

A break-up in a Love Affair would be seen as she has done it all and many often will be questioned about her Virginity! It is so Gross! Those who have to go through such austerities cry that they will be made to look Wrong does not matter they have committed anything wrong or not is- never a Question in the Society’s Conscience.

Some men will come to her with the Pretense of showing some Sympathy, they forget that Females never look forward to Sympathy – it really insults their Pride!

So when a Female lives in with her partner, she will be looked as too if she gets married to the same Man that is fine, if  a break-up happens then she will be  looked down upon! It is a tricky Route she decides to take when in Love but if things go wrong and she never wants to go along the path the Man in her Life wants her to be going, she finally decides to break-off she will be stoned brutally by the same so-called acquaintances who were with her in her happy days.

Breaking the Stereotypes is not a question to be asked but to be implemented to set an example to make further generation of Females be safe and sound, not looked down  upon, not to be viewed in some terrible ways!

What she does want to do is never the question, what she must do will be the top most priority.

I do not say everything is bad. There are parents who give Freedom and Independence to the Females to do what they wish to do in their Life. They are never judged under the “petri-dish” under the surveillance of the Microscope. But the Females do not speak about it to the Society as she and her Family will be cornered.

That might be one of the few reasons why this Society does not legalize LGBT because the Male and Female relations are still being scrutinized and needs to be understood in depth!

P.S. The viewpoints expressed are totally under the confidence who shared their thoughts with Me. Every Individual should be able to put their side of the story nothing to agitate the Values or Traditions of the Society.

Depth Of Silence

Nothing in this Life & Lives 

Are Binding

on this Earth

Nothing can be Bound 

to be chained, there will always be a loophole!

a chance to get out from – if Freedom & Independence

is taken for Granted, Unrespected, not Valued!

Never take a Chance of chaining anyone with the Virtual steel chains so tightly,

Never lie, give excuses, or sympathize the wrong way, You never know whom 

You are Hurting to which DEPTH!

I See A Dream Of Possibilities

Impossible is a word, so is Possible,

some individuals saw a dream-

of reaching the Moon,

so they did jump on the Moon and left their footsteps,

Impossible is a word, so is Possible,

Imagination with the help of ideas with the path of actions

leads to the Avenues of possibilities,

If individuals break free from their mindsets ans stereo-types – reach Moon,

Why can we not break the mind sets and stereo-types of many-

why can we not change the Society

built a Society, Community of Equality, Justice, Liberty and above all Freedom,

Why is it so impossible

Why is it some are still fighting for Equality

Why is it some are still fighting for freedom

Why is it some are still fighting for Respect

All within the Translucent walls of the Society!

Set Someone Free

Set Someone with a Beautiful Heart and Soul Free
Freedom is the One Valuable importance
That should be encouraged
not fearing to be taken away or bondaged
Happiness will strive with all the force
Once it can see not been CAGED

Love is the Freedom,
Love is the Space given,
Love is moving Forward,
Souls will then be Mingling,
Such should be the attraction and dedication
Towards Lovely Humans!

I and Galaxy

In Solace I live
The peace I found in Heart
comes from deep reaching to the Self
Which I almost completely Forgot

When One reaches to the inner Self
One will find the Freedom which One forgets about
That freedom is the Space where One connects with
The Being Self and The Universe