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Depths Of My Heart

Observing You made Me Feel
-the Depths of my Heart
which I keep Reserved
knowing that Someone somewhere
is very much Like Me! Feels Good Really!

Communication is not the easiest of all, Miscommunication is the easiest of all, Giving wrong, manipulating information does it all, Bridge-ing the Dots do not come easily to many individuals.

The Palmistry

I know
I can see the Lines in Your palm
I can see the Sun, the Moon
Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Pluto
Neptune and The Mercury.

What I see in Your hands
is the Ability to be Calm, Patient, Tolerant
I know the hand You will hold tightly
will be One Lucky Gal
who will Adore, Admire and RESPECT
You the Most!

Bless Your hands for being a Strong Soul and Compassionate Heart.


Words are not just communicating substitutes
The Power of words are felt when One speaks
The words are the Emotions and Feelings
many no nothing about
These Words are the Thoughts which We wish
to communicate to make us understand
the other person better
Invariably We the words are the Signs
which enable our thoughts transformed
from feelings and emotions!

Knowing The Unknown

Every human we meet is a stranger
until we build the bridge
of taking the first step of knowing the ‘unknown’!

The Trust and Faith we always put in any relation
sometimes get Broken into pieces
Does it really make us Vow not to try Again
No, We still try again and again
We never give up, Why
Since We can never live without the other Human

So when we have Emotional Outburst
Just remember the Words You intend to speak with Actions involved
That bridge that You built might crash in seconds
than the Hours that You took to built the Bridge in the Human

Love Needs A Lot Of Communication

In Today’s day why are we losing all the Love or why are we not so much not into commitment. Are we lacking something in ourselves. I, sometimes observe my friends and acquaintances who are in Love and some of whom who have married to their Loved Ones. I do wonder will their love which is built on Trust, Faith and Sincerity on bricks of their Love will that go from pillar to pillar to become the Home they have dreamt off. Why does some Love Courtships break, what really lacked in their appreciation between both of them they could not become two bodies One Soul. What made them not try again, or what did make One partner to look out for some fun in the Ranch. What did that One another Partner lack that could not be adjusted everything was perfect before something happened so bad in years coming by that they couldnot adjust or make another Date with themselves.

Lack of time, understanding, miscommunication are mainly the causes which makes certain great relations to fall apart.Bad judgements and arrogance, Ego come in to create a GAP in the relation which was never came by the people surrounding them. Why should there be lack of communications when we have time managed when things get to know each other. We try to take out time for that person to Understand a great deal. Why should there be no time when we are about to start our lives together. Why fail to understand what a partner doesnot like in us or cannot be changed, sometimes it so happens people just try to take that one habit of the person and ignores and avoids. But that ignorance and avoidance starts to get into the nerves and irritates the present and the future which keeps the present of the two lives bothering.

Habits of such nature should always be taken in count for and communication should flow between the two individuals if they want to make their lives together and settle down together. It is such kind of small habits which becomes pressing matters and gets two people separated. Sometimes it also happens that a Child becomes the Victim to such issues that they have get the punishment of the past blunders when the Partners plan to separate.

Please for that matter when you know You are falling for that great person whom you think you can see your Future spending with, communicate those annoying habits and see a way which can be worked out so that both the Partners are not suffering and You can see a New Beginning Together!

I am With You

The sad day for me
would be when
I will not reach the finishing line
It will be the saddest day
when I will not complete
the dream I have grown
in my Heart
Sad would be the thought
that I could not reach out
to as many a mind
I want to.
I know that there
are many like minded individuals
in the world that I have
set foot in
So the thought of not reaching out
to as many scares the hell out of me
I am not reaching out for thyself
but to acknowledge that Yes, I am with You.


I am so Happy to discover that I am in the world of words where there are individuals who share the same passion and expression for as I view the world. Its an immense happiness to view works of the individuals across Continents seating in front of the computer screen and connected by the INTERNET.


I was always skeptical while ‘penning down’ by words thinking are there people who will really understand the way I view the world and what a relieve to know that Yes, there are many individuals who share the same passion and creativity as I do. Working on some projects initially makes any indvidual to fear or shy down to what or why it will be viewed and how will the concept be taken into the mind of many other persons in the world. Today I am relieved that I can write knowing that there are persons who have the same passion and creative flow in their minds!

Happy Blogging and expressing Selfie! 😀